Titles Available for Purchase

  • No Nonsense Flow: 45 Min. Class

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    Let's get to it! With an emphasis on strong steady movement and rhythmic breathing, this practice will leave you feeling grounded (and sweaty!). Expect sun salutation variations, with lots of standing postures, twists, and abdominal work.

  • Ahimsa Arm Balances: 75-90 Min. Intermediate Class

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    Ahimsa, or non-harming/active kindness, can be seen as the foundation of living a yogic life. Building from a foundation of ahimsa, you'll approach the foundational work of arm balances in this class. Expect good strong physical engagement, continual invitations to listen deeply, and lots of post...

  • Creating Space: 60 Minute Beginner Friendly Class

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    Purchase this 60 minute class that's yours to keep and practice with again and again.

    Through the lens of space, we'll explore body and breath in this hour long practice. Spaciousness is important, and so is the quality of compression--a way of condensing the space within our bodies.

    Expect so...